#Lean phase conveying system

Lean phase conveying system
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Pharmaceutical Industry

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One of prominent name in manufacturing and supply of raw material to pharmaceutical industry domestic & export. Wide range of products manufactured at its ultra-modern factory. Range of pharma raw ingredients have been the flagship products of the company. These products have received great feedback from global customers and throughout country.


Curcumin is a natural compound found in turmeric, and it has been studied for its health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Material stability is very critical aspect as Curcumin is highly unstable, and it can degrade quickly under certain conditions, such as exposure to light, heat & moisture resulting change in pH. This can affect its usefulness and make it difficult to formulate into products.

To satisfy these challenges a system was essentially required that must reduce product degradation and segregation.


The curcumin extraction & processing was conducted through complex systems. A customised dilute phase conveying system as solid charging is provided with the capacity of 8TPH. This includes grinding of raw material by hammer mill to desired particle size, conveying, storage & discharge. Second system is a vacuum conveying system for the removal of formed sludge from extractors. Last stage is the formation of finish product i.e., Curcumin. The quality and purity of curcumin supplements can vary widely. This can make it difficult to ensure consistent results. Which was needed to be handled under safe & closed environment. Powder transfer system (PTS) plays a key role for this with the capacity of 500kg per hour.

  • 1. Automation.
  • 2. No nuisance due to close system.
  • 3. Low material degradation.
  • 4. Increased plant safety.
  • 5. Suitable for high capacities.
  • 6. Reduction in labour & package cost.
  • 7. Less operation cost & maintenance cost.
  • 1. 100% yield.
  • 2. No Dust Emission.
  • 3. No product contamination.
  • 4. Efficient and Effective Material Handling.
  • 5. Humidity avoided in powders during storage and transport.


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