Diverter Valves Manufacturer in India: Knitcons

Diverter valves direct bulk solids into different destinations as part of a dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying system and gravity discharge operation. Typically, they help convey material from one source to two destinations (or reverse).

Types of Diverter valves:

  • Dual Tunnel Diverter Valves.
  • Flap type diverter valves for gravity discharge. (Manual, Motorised and Pneumatic operated)
  • Can divert material to multiple location through single pipeline
  • Less clearance valves to ensure no powder leakages while discharging
  • Can be used for High Capacities
  • Available in Stainless steel, Carbon Steel.
  • At the discharge of Silo’s and Hoppers to divert material in different directions
  • Dilute and Dense phase Conveying system