Powder Handling / Transfer Systems for Pharmaceutical Industry

Bakery Industry

Powder transfer system (PTS) uses Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Unloaders to convey material from multiple sources to single destination. We use suction arrangements such as rotary airlock valves/suction tool/ venturi to pick up the material and transfer it to the desired destination. Powder Transfer through vacuum loaders or unloaders is efficient way to convey powder or granules rapidly in a short span of time. Vacuum loaders can be used to charge materials into different equipment like mixers and blenders, hoppers etc. Powder transfer system eliminates the bulky conventional pneumatic conveying arrangements like bucket elevators, screw conveyors etc. which were used even for conveying material with small capacity requirement. Powder transfer system can be integrated with existing installation or supplied as a standalone arrangement. Vacuum loader is a compact transfer system that can be installed at places where height is a constraint.

Vacuum Unloader or loaders use low energy consumption. It eliminates manual loading and thus spillages.

Our Vacuum unloaders come with moveable arrangement that gives the flexibility to employ powder transfer system at various places in the same plant. Transfer capacity of 100-2000 kg/hr. with distance limit upto 25m.

  • Easy dissembling enabling easy cleaning.
  • Quick turnaround between batches.
  • Small Footprint.
  • Efficient conveying method of powders transfer.
  • Compact machine that is very easy to install.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Dust Free and Hygienic transfer of Powder.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • To process multiple products.
  • Extraction of core element.
  • With slight modifications can be installed in existing setups.
  • Pharma, Food, Chemical and Fertilisers.