Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in Pune, India: Knitcons

A ribbon blender consists of a U- trough horizontal containing a double helical ribbon. The ribbons shaft is positioned in the center of the trough. Which the helical ribbons consist of a set of inner and outer helical ribbons.

The internal and external ribbons on the shaft located with the blender trough. The ribbon shaft is powered by a drive system comprised of a motor, gearbox, and couplings.

Ribbon blenders can be designed to operate in both batch and continuous modes. Its ability to perform heating, cooling, coating and other processes make it a very popular blender.

  • Efficient and smooth in operation
  • Reduces cycle time, saves mixing time
  • Fewer moving parts hence low maintenance needed
  • Homogeneous mixture obtained
  • Can be used in Batch & continuous modes
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Resins & Polymer

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