Silo Storage System Manufacturer in Pune, India.

In Powder Handling Solution, we specialize in properly designing and configuring storage silos and hoppers in different industries.

Our Solid Bulk storage systems are designed to maximize space, efficiency, and sanitation, while minimizing cost and product contamination. With a wide range of options and professional expertise, we are able to provide the highest quality Powder Handling Solution to suit all of your plant’s needs.

Options available :
  • Stainless steel and Mild/carbon steel
  • Special interior and exterior linings and coatings
  • Fabric silo
Accessories :
  • Ladders, stairs, and other accessories
  • Reverse Jet Filter /Bin vent filters and receivers
  • Pressure Relief Valves.
  • Explosion suppression and venting
  • Load cell System for Scaling
  • Level Devices (high and low)
  • Custom inlets and outlets
  • Vibratory bin dischargers, hopper fluidization, and multiple screw bottoms transportation to the plant site
  • Require less ground space
  • Minimum product contamination
  • High Sanitation
  • Convenient loading & depositing
  • Economical compared to other storage options
  • Chemical – Granules, additives, PTA powder, Sulphur etc.
  • Paint & Minerals – Limestones, Calcium carbonate, Soda Ash, Tio2, Talc etc.
  • Food - Wheat, Grain, Maida etc.
  • Spices – Chilly, Turmeric, Coriander etc.

Other Products & Solutions

Food & Confectionary
Spices & Condiments
Paints & Colors