Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems Manufacturer

Dense phase pneumatic conveying system is a high pressure, low velocity system that moves fragile, abrasive or easily degradable dry material down the line gently and effectively. It pushes material in an enclosed pipe from single/multiple sources to single/multiple destination using a diverter valve.

Material conveyed by this method is loaded into a pressure vessel. When the vessel is full compressed air is metered into the vessel. The compressed air pushes the material from the pressure vessel into the conveying line and to the destination. Once the vessel is empty, the compressed air is turned off and the vessel is reloaded. The cycle continues until all the required material is transferred.

  • Minimal Component Wear
  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduced Product Degradation and Segregation
  • Efficient and Effective Material Handling
  • No Dust Emission
  • Low Operating Cost as Air Consumption Is Low
  • Chemicals
  • Ready-mix construction
  • Foundry
  • Minerals
  • Fly Ash & Power
  • Food Industry
  • Many More..

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