Sugar & Wheat Flour handling system
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Bakery & Confectionary Industries

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West Bengal


KnitCon has successfully installed and commissioned both Sugar handling and Wheat Handling System in one of India’s leading private sector companies. It has great dominance in numerous sectors like Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Hotels, Packaging, Agri and Information Technology. The giant progressed successively and crossed 48,000 crore revenue.


The company had serious challenge in one of its Bakery & Confectionary plant. The plant failed to achieve optimum capacity due to the factors like, Difficulty in conveying bulk solid materials, Dusty environment, Material Loss, Less energy efficiency, Labours health issue, Improper space utilisation.

All these altogether made plant non feasible to operate and uneconomical. This disturbed the raw ingredients ratio at mixing & blending stage. Ultimately degraded the quality of products. Some of the defects observed in the final products are Breakage, blisters, cream oozing, hard bite, shrinkage etc.


KnitCon provided a complete system for the challenges of the customer. Two separate dedicated Bag dump stations provided allows 99.9% retention efficiency for Crystal Sugar and Wheat flour. System incorporates bag tilter for the ease of lifting 25kg or 50kg Crystal Sugar bags and Wheat flour bags enhances labour health as well as meeting per hour raw material dumping capacity. The bag filter of dumping station prevent dust from escaping into the plant environment, also protecting workers from potentially hazardous exposure.

In Pneumatic Conveying system the transport of bulk solids through a pipe by using the flow of air helps completing in set capacity without any degradation in terms of size and quality. No material wastage due to close system. The material is sieved through vibro shifter further removal of metal particle by metal detector if any. The use of KnitCon Advance ACM grinds the sugar in ultra-fineness for the application of cream preparation at controlled particle size distribution in narrow band width. Conveying of Sugar powder is done by vacuum /negative pressure conveying. Prevention from risk of explosion is cared with the help of rupture disk. Weigh hopper, RAV, screw conveyor, creamer other equipment’s in series completes the system. Weighing and batching metered the material for cream preparation. In same way other system works for handling of wheat flour. KnitCon done a detailed study and designed a tailormade solution to overcome the perfect challenges.

  • 1. Exact mixing ratio of recipe achieved
  • 2. Better Space Utilisation.
  • 3. Healthy environment.
  • 4. Increased Productivity
  • 5. Low noise level.
  • 6. High Quality grounded product.
  • 1. Sugar Conveying Capacity – 800kg/Hr.
  • 2. Wheat Flour Handling Capacity – 8TPH.
  • 3. Fineness achieved – 200 mesh
  • 4. Sugar Powder Capacity – 500kg/Hr


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