Complete Bulk Material Handling Solution in Bakery Industry and Confectionary Industry

Bakery Industry

Raw Material Handling

Raw material like Wheat Flour and Sugar receives in 25kg, 50 Kg Bags. Accordingly we offer Bag Unloading station for charging the Bags which is equipped with Dust Filter to ensure dust free environment. Also Pneumatic Vibrator provided in conical portion of unloading station ensures smooth and 100 % discharge of material for further process.

Silo Storage and Tanker Unloading System

Wheat Flour tanker will be discharged pneumatically in order to be able to empty the tanker efficiently, discharge quickly enough, and sends the product to a silo. Storage Silos are designed to maximize space, efficiency, and sanitation, while minimizing cost and product contamination.


Gyro shifter will remove the foreign particles from the raw material and also feed the specific particle size for further processing. Normally the requirement is 30-40 Mesh Particle size in bakery industry for wheat Flour.


Sugar Grinder can grind the crystal sugar into the fine sugar in the fineness range of 80-200 MESH depending on the customer requirement. Given the highly hygroscopic and sticky nature of the sugar, we recommend using conditioned air while its grinding. To avoid stickiness and lump formation dehumidified air is used while grinding and conveying the sugar.

Dilute Phase conveying system (Vacuum Conveying)

Vacuum conveying Dilute phase pneumatic conveying facilitates conveying of materials from Grinding machine and Vibro sifter discharge to storage hopper. As it is a closed loop conveying, no material spillage and dust nuisance occurs.

Storage Hopper with Dust separation unit

Wheat flour and fine sugar is stored in storage hoppers and air gets separated out through dust filters ensuring 99.9% yield with no dust emission.

Weighing and Batching

Weighing Hopper mounted on Load cells ensure that precise quantity of material is discharged into the dough mixers controlled with total automation and accuracy.

Mixing & Blending

We offer Dough Mixer/ Plough Shear Mixer to mix Wheat flour, Fine sugar, Vegetable Oil and other minor ingredients for Dough preparation.

Benefits of Mixer:
• Short mixing time enables reproducibility of batches
• Maximum mixing homogeneity
• No product damages
• Low Maintenance
• High uptime
• Sampling arrangement

Control & Monitoring

We integrate entire plant on various control systems based on SCADA, PLC, MCC etc. for accurate field monitoring.

Safety and Hygiene

Sugar being dust explosive in nature, utmost safety is provided by using explosion protection devices like rupture disc, explosion protection valves, isolation valves etc. Our Plants are designed to comply GMP, HACCP, BRC, KOSHER, HALAL standards.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe and hygienic material handling
  • Reduced product degradation and segregation
  • Efficient and Effective Material handling
  • No Dust Emission, thus dust free work environment
  • Low Operating cost due to low air consumption
  • Flexible to route piping per the site suitability
  • Less footprint owing compact design
  • All equipments are manufactured conforming GMP standards
  • Prompt and experienced after sales service backup
  • No breakage of material
  • Wheat flour
  • Crystal & fine sugar
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Maida
  • Fat & Butter Vegetable Oil
  • Cocoa powder
  • Lecithine powder, Soda, Salt, Ammonia, Flavours etc.