#Dense phase conveying system

Dense phase conveying system
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Ready-mix soft drink & beverages

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India’s one of the biggest third-party manufacturers of Food Industry. The Company provides ready-mix soft drink powders, beverages, and healthcare food products and serves customers worldwide.


The Summer season was just a few months away. The plant is established for ready-mix soft drink powders. This was the high time to distribute product PAN India. Sugar was the main raw material & contributes major percentage in the product. Sugar is hygroscopic & explosive in nature. To handle 20TPH fine sugar capacity is a difficult task. The main challenge was to design, manufacture and successful erection and commission the project within a specified timeframe.


Our solution to achieve required per day production capacity was dense phase pneumatic conveying system in SS 304 material of construction. We have designed a conveying system for raw bulk material handling and intermediate processes. The systems were set to produce 3 flavours. For the ease of production changeover 2 separate systems installed and to cater extra production demand than set capacity 2 automated systems are stationed for additives.

Sugar conveying systems designed with 20 TPH Conveying Capacity to meet 900 Ton monthly production requirement. This high capacity achieved by the application of high-pressure low velocity compressed air. All processing cycles like dumping, sifting, weighing & batching, mixing & blending are monitored and controlled through MCC cum PLC based control system.

All equipment’s used in systems are easy to disassemble, clean & maintain. Resulting in saving in terms of labour & time. Conveying lines are designed in view of every aspect of material flow with minimum resistance

  • 1. Total automated systems controlled through PLC panel & HMI.
  • 2. Compliance to all food & pharma standards.
  • 3. Ease of flavour changeover.
  • 4. Continuous production without any breakdown.
  • 5. Single system is applicable for multiple seasonal products.
  • 1. High production yield.
  • 2. Achieved set capacity of 20TPH.
  • 3. Reduction in batch time & process integration.
  • 4. Reduce human efforts & manpower.


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