Jumbo Bag Unloading.

Raw material in Bag sizes 500kg, 1000kg are considered as Jumbo bag. Jumbo Bag loading and unloading system reduces human effort and improves plant safety. It is used for safely loading of mixer, silo filling, bulk truck unloading, weighing system.

It is generally used for transportation of solid bulk powders & granules for storage purposes such as chemicals & fertilizers, food products & pharmaceuticals, minerals etc. Bulk bags are available in different sizes and perfect for all sorts of industries.

  • Increased plant safety
  • Easy to handle/ unload raw material
  • Reduces man power.
  • High yield
  • Lowers dust in plant atmosphere and product loss
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Food & Spices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Minerals

Other Products & Solutions

Food & Confectionary
Spices & Condiments
Paints & Colors