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With over 40 yrs. of business in India, it is India’s largest fast moving Bakery and Biscuit company. With more than 15 products offering in the market, the Company is a part of the everyday life of millions of consumers across India. Proud to get associated with a great brand that has created a positive social impact.


In Bakery Industries, hygiene is paramount and demands frequent cleaning of the equipment involved. Our customer’s challenge was no different. Frequent disengagement of the rotary valve to remove and then clean it was a challenge. Maintenance time used to be as high as 1.5 hrs. to 2 hrs. Frequent engagement and disengagement of the rotary valve resulted in the shorter life of the shaft’s seals, thereby, need to regularly replace the rotary valve itself.


Quick Clean Valve with Sanitary/Hygienic design was the solution we offered in SS 304 material of construction to be mounted below the hopper.

Products in the Bakery Industries are mainly in dry powder or granular form. The main function of a rotary airlock valve is to maintain a good airlock condition thus, isolate downstream and upstream pressure/vacuum transfer.

Quick cleaning Rotary Valve is designed for applications sensitive to contamination or process that require frequent cleaning. Its design gives easy access to rotor and internal surfaces for quick cleaning without any need to disengage the rotary valve from the system.

The shaft seal or bearings are retained on the rotary valve housing. Quick Cleaning rotary valve has two outboard tapered roller bearings on one side of the rotor with a hinged bolt-in-place access door on the other side. The rotor shaft is sealed by four PTFE seal rings located on the drive end that can be adjusted with the packing follower nut and drive pin.

Quick clean rotary valves are used to reduce downtime for valve clean up, allowing removal of the rotor without removing the packing gland. The disassembly and reassembly can be done without the requirement of any tool. Further, the purging arrangement in the valve improves the life of shaft seals.

  • 1. Low downtimes.
  • 2. Quick and safe cleaning.
  • 3. Improved life of the shaft seal.
  • 1. Maintenance downtime in quick 10 mins compared to usual 2 hrs.
  • 2. Improved life of the shaft seal due to purging arrangement.
  • 3. Quick and safe access to rotor and internal surfaces for cleaning.


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