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Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products present various challenges in their handling due to the critical nature of the material. The requirement was to convey Nutritional powder packed in 25 kg bags and Drums to small pouch packing machine at 3 TPH (tons per hour) capacity. The material was not free flowing and hygroscopic nature of the material posed additional challenge. Height/headroom was another constraint at site. We were required to fit all equipments like Vacuum Filter, Hopper, Vibro-sieve and metal separator in available height. Also, special attention was to be taken to avoid any material spillages and dusting in the working area.


Our solution to all these challenges was Vacuum conveying system/ dilute phase conveying system. Our vacuum conveying system facilitated conveying of Nutritional powder in 25 kg bags and drum to pouch packing machine at 3 TPH (tons per hour) capacity.

Low pressure, high velocity vacuum system moves powder and bulk materials through a pipeline. In Vacuum phase conveying systems, particles are fully suspended in air and transported from one location to another. A suction tool is used to pick up the material from drum and transfer it to the desired destination. We used vacuum Roots Blower to generate the suction to transfer material to the destination.

To address the hygroscopic nature of the raw material, we provided conditioned air for conveying of material. Mirror Surface finish given to all equipment ensured the material flow was smooth without sticking to the inner surface of the wall. As the system was to be installed in constraint height, we designed a compact horizonal dust filter to resolve this issue at site.

Our Vacuum conveying system/dilute phase pneumatic conveying system was designed along with high efficiency dust filter ensured leak proof transportation of material. Vacuum system resulted in zero material spillages and dust free work environment.

  • 1. Dust free work environment.
  • 2. Zero material spillage thus, enhanced yield.
  • 3. Leak proof transportation of material.
  • 4. Compact design facilitates installation at layout with low ceiling height.
  • 1. Less maintenance and minimal downtime.
  • 2. Easy to clean arrangements in the system.
  • 3. Dust filters ensured dust free work environment.
  • 4. 3 TPH capacity achieved with our Conveying System.


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