Horizontal Unloading Valve/Material Distributer
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Plastic Industries

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Northern Part of India


The leading manufacturers and suppliers of EPS (Expandable Polystyrene). A key component of the thermocol industry. EPS is used as a raw material for finished products like thermocol sheets, EPS block thermocol, pipe section thermocol among others.


In production processes, it is often required to convey material from one location to two or more than two different locations. This requirement of one of the Plastic pellet/beads manufacturing company in northern part of India was same. Height constraint in layout made it more difficult for the customer to distribute material from single point to two different destination. For the process it was important to distribute the material at both the destination points equally in controlled manner.


We offered our specially designed Horizontal Unloading Valve in SS 304 material of construction as the solution. Valve was mounted at the discharge of the Cyclone Separator.

The main function of a Horizontal Unloading valve is to distribute the material in dry powder or granular form from one chamber to two different chambers uniformly.

Horizontal unloading valve provides highly efficient, reliable, and controlled flow of difficult materials, including very cohesive materials, without incurring complications. It is suitable for new-build or retro-fit applications and achieves complete, controlled and pulse-free discharge. The unit can be supplied with multiple outlets for simultaneous or alternate feeding of up to four feed points. All maintainable items provided can be serviced without removing the any item, including the externally mounted gearbox. The low profile and compact design of the unloading valve make it best suited for application wherein headroom or ceiling height is less.

  • 1.Low profile and Compact Design help installation in less height.
  • 2. Easy maintenance without removing any part.
  • 3. Suitable for applications with upto four feed points (multiple outlets).
  • 4. Controlled Discharge.
  • 1. Suited in existing layout where less headroom was available .
  • 2. Material was distributed into two outlets equally with controlled and pulse free discharge.


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