Solid Bulk Material Handling System in Spice & Condiments Industry

Bakery Industry


This process removes dust and dirt from the spices. Zig Zag classifier and grader can be used for cleaning.Before grinding it will pass through magnet.


Grind the whole spices into the fine spices in the fineness range of 100 Mesh. Grinder works in way that the characteristic of spices like flavour, colour, aroma, oil content will not affect.


It removes the foreign particles from the raw material. Also feed the specific particle size for further processing.


Material conveys from Grinding machine to Cyclone. No material spillage due to closed loop conveying

Storage Hopper With Dust Seperation

Spices are conveyed to storage hopper. Air gets separated out through dust filters ensuring 100% yield with no dust emission.

Weighing and Batching

Precise quantity of material is discharged into packing machine with automation & accuracy of 99.99%..


Product will pass through all metal separator to remove ferrous and nonferrous impurities. Further packaging through Pouch filling machine / UFFS machine


  • 1. Safety compliance of GMP, HACCP, BRC.
  • 2. Highest Sanitation Standards.
  • 3. Fully Customized.
  • 4. PLC Automation.
  • 5. Compact Layout.
  • 6. GMP Grade equipment's
  • Retaining product characteristics.
  • 2. Easy to clean. Hygienic and safe.
  • 3. Lower operating and maintenance cost.
  • 4. Suitable to handle any type of spices.
  • 5. Reduced Product Degradation and Segregation.
  • 6. Dust- free transfer.
  • All types of Spices.
  • Coriander, chili, turmeric, black pepper etc.
  • Food Industry. Pharma Industry (Extraction of core element).